Dollhouse Miniature Foods and Beverages

Carolyn McVicker, IGMA Artisan, specializes in Dollhouse Miniature Foods

  • from the everyday to gourmet; from southern grits to Irish mutton stew
  • from Italian to Tex-Mex; from fancy carved hams, to roast turkey whole or carved
  • from roasted boars head to Victorian crown roast
  • from fruits and vegetables to gourmet gift baskets of grapes, wine, cheeses, and bread

Also available are delicious desserts

  • from ice cream sundaes to wonderful parfaits
  • from her signature checkerboard cake to beautiful wedding cakes
  • from miniature holiday themed punchbowl sets, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, candies and pies

She also is renowned for her miniature beverages

  • from milk to ice tea
  • from miniature beer and wine to fancy miniature cocktails and cocktail trays

Mouth-watering, realistic dollhouse foods and beverages are Carolyn McVicker's specialties. Her attention to detail is always evident in her well-known special miniature creations and she is renowned for her turkeys, hams, wedding cakes, desserts, and cocktails.

Hundreds of Items

Some of the hundreds of items she replicates are miniature fruits and vegetables, dinners, breakfasts, desserts, as well as miniature beverages including miniature beer, wines, and cocktails.

Several Scales of Miniature Foods

Carolyn makes several sizes of dollhouse foods ranging from one-inch scale down to quarter-inch scale. She also has miniature holiday themed food and beverage items ranging from punchbowl sets to desserts.

Baskets of Produce and Preparation Tables and Boards

She has miniature baskets filled with fruits, vegetables, grapes, or wine and cheeses, along with food boards and tables showing dollhouse food in various stages of preparation.

As an I. G. M. A. Artisan, Carolyn McVicker is proud to create authentic miniature food items in various periods of time including, but not limited to Tudor, Victorian, Colonial Williamsburg, Modern and Classical. She welcomes custom work and special orders. She is proud to present her items at retail dollhouse shows and NAME Regional Houseparties and National Conventions. Her wholesale miniature foods and beverages division, MCM Enterprises, serves many customers and miniature Wholesale Trade shows such as CIMTA.

Carolyn loves to create miniature foods and beverages for special orders from customers.

Welcome to my website and I hope you enjoy what is available; if you don't see what you want, just ask! ~Carolyn McVicker